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August 15, 2008



Take me with you please!
[email protected]

If you need more info than the general blog stuff, let me know.

Mariluz Bogarin

Can't remember exactly how I found your blog (maybe through Snickollet), but I like to read your posts because your twins are a little older than my son. I admire you as a Mom and would love to keep up with your adventures. --Thanks.


Please take me! I am the one who was bugging you to write about health care.


I've been reading a long time and have to continue! You don't know me IRL!


Long time reader, rarely comment but I'd hate to lose you.


Hey, I'd love to come, too. You can see my blog and I think we've emailed enough that you know me. Thanks!


I rarely post, but I've been following you for a few years now, at least. I think that I found you through Shannon's blog (Peter's Cross Station), but it might have been AmFam's instead. Let me know if you'd like any further info - I have no blog, since I've killed them all over the years.


Pick me pick me :) I'm a blog reader (and very sporadically a writer) and I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the years. My younger sister has a genetic disorder that leaves her in limbo between fully functioning and handicapped so I find myself learning a lot from you. Good luck also with going underground! I too changed from a totally open to a more hidden blog but unlike you, I just didn't have the stick-to-it-ness that I needed to keep it going. I really can't wait to see what you have in store for the new blog :)


I don't know you IRL, but you know more about me than most people on the internet. I sent you an email this past spring and asked to use one of your blog posts. You said yes. I don't want to put more into the comments, but if you want to email me I will give you more information.

Cecily Whitworth

We talk sometimes. But never in real life. Take me with too please!


I found your blog when Shannon linked to it. Please take me with you to the new blog. I love reading about the kids, and the posts about disability (especially relations with caregivers) give me a lot to think about.


Have no clue how I found your blog- maybe through a comment or someone else linking to you. I enjoy reading it, so please take me with you.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Well, duh, of COURSE I need to go with you. :-)
And good luck on your well-deserved trip.


I found you around 2 years ago after googling "I hate Oprah" HA!

You certainly enlighten me to views I've never before been exposed to. So, please take me along!!


I found you through American Family, maybe? I'm not a blog writer, just a blog reader. Essentially, I'm just nosy & like keeping up with you.


I also found you through some of your comments on American Family. I'm not much of a commenter but I am a loyal lurker!

My email isn't on my blog -- it's [email protected].

I hope your trip goes well, both on your end and on the home front.


I also would like to tag along. I can't even remember what brought me here first -it might have been someone linking to one of your discussions of accessibility, since I was doing research on web accessibility at the time - but you've been in my bloglines subscriptions ever since.

I came for your points of view on accessibility and access in general, but I stayed because I've enjoyed the writing.


Take me, please. - I think I found your blog through a mommyblog link. I remember when I was pregnant I read your description of what you and the boys did every day and hoped I'd be as good a mother. I now have a 2.5 year old.


I'd be interested to come along--I love your writing and your wit.


Oh my gosh, please take me with you! I've been reading forever and ever! I don't really have a blog to speak of, but I put my myspace page in the url slot. I promise, you don't know me :-).
Amy from Missouri


Take me with you too! Not sure how I originally found your blog but I really enjoy reading your writing. I don't know you IRL. My email address is [email protected], and my blog is at Thanks for writing.

Erin Alanna

Please take me with you! I have loved reading your stories. As a special needs teacher, your explanations of how it really is to live as a person with disabilities helps me to be the best teacher and supporter for my students as I can be.. oh and your kids are great!

-Erin Alanna
[email protected]

Laura in L.A.

I wanna go, too! I got here a couple years ago via Shannon's blog, and I think you are just amazing. My email is [email protected].

Love, Laura


Hello. I think you're pretty amazing, too. I've been lurking for a long time, I think I even commented once on a post that disappeared soon afterwards. I've no idea how I arrived here -- perhaps through Peter's Cross Station but perhaps it was the other way round. You still called your kids 'babies' then I think. Oh and I don't know you in real life since I come from Greece and live in the UK and I have never set foot on America.


I'd like to come please! I think you know me, but if not, I'll be happy to give more info!

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