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July 13, 2008


Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Glad to hear from you (and certainly feel free to PM me!) I've been thinking of you and of D.


I'm still here! Write about it when you can~I'm SO CURIOUS and nosy. :) Good luck.


HI Lisa, still here. Thinking of you.


It's was so great to open my Google Reader this morning and see a post from you!

Enjoy the well-deserved trip, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all continues to go well with D's recovery.

Share what you can, when you can. I'll say this: you sound really happy.


Laura in L.A.

Lisa, I'm happy and relieved to hear from you--so glad D is doing well. Even when we don't hear from you for awhile, I pretty much pray for you and your family no matter what. :):)

Share what you can, when you can. And, what snick said-- you sound happy. That can only be good.

Love, Laura


You're going away! WOO-HOO! That's awesome, enjoy every minute of it. The kids will be fine. Well-loved, well-cared for children like yours are very resilient.


Huzzah for that trip, and for D having FINALLY been able to get the surgery! I hope that you can figure out some password protected/ email only/ something entry to help get your head clear about things - it sounds exciting, and I know I hate it when practical concerns limit the possible solutions to problems like that.

No advice on how to prep Aaron and Naim for your trip other than the standards - talking to them about it, planning your check in times in advance, etc. Have a great time!


So glad the surgery finally happened and went ok. Hopefully the rest of his recovery will be problem-free - you've certainly both had a long haul to get to this point.

I'm thrilled for you about your trip. Having that break will be amazing. I think it's very hard to get to a point when one has small children where you can take the time to think about the big picture and how and what you want to do with your life. I hope this trip gives you the time and space to do so and to just relax and coddle yourself. You deserve it!


So glad to hear the surgery is behind you, hope D heals fast and well.

Sorry to hear about camp, but I'm sort of surprised there wasn't more of a community effort to watch your kids in the open spaces and all those things...

Congrats on the trip. My wisdom about leaving kids is that they will basically be fine. I've left mine twice, I think--once Nat for 4 days and once both of them for 4 days. Of course, they had their other mom, but still--I am the SAHM. So it was a big deal. Bigger for me than them, though.

Would love to hear your brain wheels turn. Write me if it would be helpful!


Hi Lisa,
I'm too tired to make much coherent sense, but I'm glad you are back. The trip sounds great. I'm really glad you are figuring out some things to make your life better.

As far as leaving your kids goes, I have no idea. I don't leave my clingy kid, she's velcroed to my elbow. Sigh. She's seven; I hope she outgrows this by the time she's 20.


You take all the time you need in between posts...I'll always check back in--your insights are invaluable. One thing to ponder when you're stuck with writer's block--write out some of the stuff you can't blog and save it--post it later when you can, or just write it down and dump it--one way to work out the thoughts and move on to things you can post? Just a thought. Regardless, enjoy the break!


I'm sorry, I haven't checked in for a while, but I hope the trip is great and that enjoy it very much. Don't apologize--I need to blog my chickens before they hatch too sometimes and can't always say as much as I'd like.


I'm so glad to see that you are back! Many {{{hugs}}} coming your way ~ you post what you want, when you want...I, for one (of many) will be here reading along.

Enjoy your trip!

Disabled Chat

I have Bell's Palsy and enjoy your blog very much. First time I've commented, but have been reading here and there.
Great blog. I enjoy reading it every chance I get and value your opinions!

Mary Grace

Still here!


Hope everything is going well and that you get around to writing another post soon. :-)

-- Katie

Laura in L.A.

What Mary Grace and Katie said! Hope all is well.

Love, Laura

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