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May 07, 2008



Just to be clear, I didn't mean to imply that I thought you were anti-therapy, just that your comments made me think of other sites I've been to that are more so. I'll look forward to your post whenever you have a chance to get to it. And I do hope I wasn't the one keeping you up at night - I'd imagine your kids do a good enough job of that!


I think the very fact that I'm researching this and asking questions proves that I'm not a class A asshole. Researching this is how I found your blog. I'm just trying to learn something.

Just curious, if a guy says that he can't sleep with a girl without /sleeping/ with a girl, maybe he knows his limits and is trying to do the right thing. I think jumping out of a moving vehicle was a tad bit harsh.

You didn't answer the other part of my email. Have you forgiven the person/people who victimized you?



No worries. It is a difficult subject full of grey areas. I have things I want to say about it, but trying to decide what approach to take. As you can see from the above comment, I tend to offend people.


I do get that you are trying to do the right thing. Sometimes, when writing a blog entry, you think about the audience that might be reading beyond the one person who provoked the post.

But in regards to sleeping with vs. sleeping with. First of all, that is such total privileged bullshit that a guy can't lay prone in close proximity to a female without getting out of control. Give me a break. Second, it was the major asshole way he said it. Except for a couple of phone calls/emails, I knew they guy for like 5 minutes and he does the "Any girl who is going to get in bed with me better know that I expect something." The date was going to go nowhere but downhill from that point on so why waste the next 5 hours of my life? Third, I waited until the car was at a full and complete stop, and I told him I was getting out. Don't think he believed me though until I was already half a block down the street. He sat at the light long enough to be honked at.

Forgiveness. Worth a whole 'nother post. Forgiveness to me does not mean I'm best friends with my perpetrator and every thing he did to me (and others) is just hunky-dory with me now. Far from it. Forgiveness is when you let the anger and the part of you that wants revenge or payback or whatever just wash away. You don't hold on to any of that anymore. I have really no feelings about him or the person involved in A's situation except confusion. No anger and no love. Just confusion about what makes some people do the things they do. But I don't know if those questions will ever be answered. But confusion I can live with, the anger I could not live with and it had to go, so I let it. But it does take awhile to get to that point. I think you have to let yourself go through the whole grieving process and get to the other side before it is possible.

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