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April 21, 2008


Lucía Moreno Velo

Go, girl!
This is how dreams become true.
I wish the four of you the best of lucks.


You go girl! And get Ty so that I can see here in South Africa how your dreams come true. Best of luck!


Oooh, I'm very excited about your little house idea. It sounds perfect and imminently do-able. So the universe should make it happen for you, right? RIGHT! Crossing all my fingers!!!


If you get Ty, can I come stare at him too???????

That is so awesome..I hope it is something you can get!


Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Good luck, I hope it works our perfectly for you.


Great idea! Way to follow your dreams even if they're not guaranteed to pan out.


Now *that* is thinking creatively! And it makes complete sense to go about it this way. You're not someone who's going to sign some ridiculous ARM to but land before getting zoning taken care of, so the only downside to the 'crazy' part of things is the fact that you won't get as much support in pursuing it as you might if you were doing things 'normally'. Which sucks, to be sure, but pooh on all those naysayers!

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Good luck, What wonderful idea.Your idea really makes out Dreams become true.

vanessa steck

That is fantastic. Good luck!


YAY!!! Oh that is so great. SOOOO great! (Just had to don't think the train would bother D or the kids?)


I am guessing that unicorporated means not served by public utilities? I don't know. But keep taking those steps. I love the idea. And modular-scmodular. Sounds great to me!


I'm thinking about D and hoping things go well. And I agree with Shannon, modular-schomdular. If an actual trailer worked for you, I'd say go for it. Don't let people's judgments get you down. I hope this works out, or you get a house another way if it doesn't.

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