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April 15, 2008


Lucía Moreno Velo

Go girl!
Stick to your guns and don't give up.


Can I give comfort?

They are all trained by kindergarten. This is one area benighn neglect works really well. Not quickly, but well.

Or you can work hard at it and make it all happen sooner.


We've got very similar issues going on with my 3.5 year old, the stubborn little stinker. (He's literally a stinker, I guess!)

He's doing so well right now, we're crossing our fingers that it lasts.

I know he would decide to be "trained" eventually on his own even if we did nothing, but I'm just so tired of the bum-wiping and carrying extra clothing around, etc.

Good luck! :)


That is exactly the right approach. Never give up! Never surrender!


We are still in potty-optional, regular-diapers mode with Nat. She chooses to pee on the potty 1-5 times a day, averaging 3, probably (she refuses outright to poop in the potty and I'm not pushing it). Weirdly, she did it more consistently when we were traveling last weekend--she peed in big potties in gas stations, rest stops, restaurants, churches, funeral homes and hotels with glee.

I am just hoping that the balance shifts on its own to her wanting to do it more and more and finally just doing it all the time.

You are brave with the no diapers, clean-up-after-yourself plan. I am really impressed. It's so much more work to make them clean and change themselves than just doing it for them. But I think you're 100% correct in your approach.

Go Lisa! Don't back down!

And I haven't read Alfie (just many reviews of him). But I am a big fan of Positive Discipline and I think they are awfully similar.

p.s. The worst of it is all the people who pester me about whether Nat is trained or when she will be trained, etc. There are far too many opinions sailing around out there about when and how to do this. And too many of them are uber judgmental if you do it a different way.


Keep the faith, your strategy will have it's moments, but it will work. Girls are easier (based on my one experience), but boys do get there to!!

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