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March 20, 2008



Wow. I was reading about your dad, and thinking that I couldn't comment, because I was going to tell you shouldn't live with your dad unless he changed his behavior. And, boy, that is none of my business. So, I fully support your conclusion! The dog stuff is really hardcore crazy. It's the reaction of frustrated three year old to tell the dog you wish she'd die. I'm not surprised he hasn't been consistent enough to potty train the dog.

Anyway, I'm really glad you feel better. I hope things keep improving. Also, I have a little crush on D for wanting to get you and the kids away from your dad.

Hey, I had a baby! He's a boy, and he's amazing. I went into labor on the last day of the 36th week, to my surprise. He's doing great. I'm going to post his birth story on my unused blog; I'll let you know when I do that.


And another reason I am glad I don't live with my parents.
Glad you are feeling better


Okay, aside from her last paragraph, Cherylc said everything I was going to. So glad that you've got life back to normal, and that you've got a while to figure out what your boundaries are going to be. Your living situation has some plusses, but dealing with that amount of anxiety is NOT what you need. Here's hoping that there's a good resolution, without too many tradeoffs in your future.


I wish I could imagine that this situation would get better. The hardest part is that little ones believe everything a grown-up says to them, especially those they love. It is clear that your father believes he is right and that you are wrong and is entrenched so deeply in his world view of women, men, his 'rights' and his responsibilities that I would not expect him to even consider his impact let alone try to change it. I am hoping another option will open up for you. While you do love the house and neighborhood it seems like you have a need to move on to the next house and neigborhood. In your own place, he might have some respect for your ground rules and he wouldn't be getting into your stuff or leaving his stuff in the boys path. I don't think the things that you are describing are little. They are fundamental.


I have been there. I lived with my parents (we shared a duplex) and helped my dad care for my mother. Dad and mom were alcoholics and dad was gay and by then didn't give a shit what he left lying around the house. It was crazy and I stayed in the mess for far longer than I should have. Hang in there.


Once again wishing I had a magic wand and could move you and D and the boys to a perfect, accessible house next door to us!

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