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February 21, 2008


Lucía Moreno Velo

Glad to read D is doing better. I was kind of worried, you know?


I've been checking every day, and I'm so glad that D is getting better.

Boy, that sounded like a great "family vacation"... Did your sister get her wisdom teeth removed on one of your family vacations? I am totally in agreement with you on not having the boys go through that horrible-sounding test. As a physician, I can tell you that too many of us are motivated by the curiosity that you mentioned, the desire to be able to have a final answer and tie up any loose ends. I'm glad you're there as their advocate (and D's advocate), because few people I meet have your level of understanding of the medical system.


Niklas sounds like a pain in the,... Tell him to relax and have some faith in you I know I do!


You listed some of the reasons I have avoided my eye doctor since 2000


Try the website . It has part of a paediatric test for colour (ok I'm australian!)blindness that is great for young kids. Easy pictures and shapes not double digit numbers. from Mum of 3 colour blind boys


I guess I would have to say that everything in your history indicates that you handle challenges well, that you are an organized planner that you research and consider things thoroughly before you decide to do them. So, if you told me you had decided to raise penquins for fun and profit I would probably say 'You go Girl!'.

But your friends history makes it difficult to jump onboard with a lot of enthusiasm. I would feel awkward as well. Because it isn't my place to raise objections to someone's choices but I can't pretend to feel unconcerned and at ease when I don't. If you were my friend and I had worries about something you were planning I would feel pretty comfortable saying so and sharing what I was worried about. After that, well if you are my friend I am there for you whatever you decide.


I wanted to be sure that you received notice of this writing opportunity. I've been reading your work for a while and I think that your perspective would be a valuable addition to this collection.


As to pre-schools - go with your heart. Go where you can feel the love and personal attention. It is worth way more than fancy equipment, programmes etc. And your kids will be happier there as well.

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