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December 26, 2007



A lot of this sounds incredibly frustrating, and I hope it gets better. On a slightly related note, I asked my dad this weekend if I had as much energy as my daughter growing up, and he said no, she's more like my hyper sister. It really comforted me, and made me feel like I'm not insane when she wears me out. Also, my sister is a lovely adult, so that's good.

Your caption for the train set is very funny. I'm glad Christmas itself was fun.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I wish I could have sent Mary Poppins along with the harnesses to give you a break! I SO know what you mean about having judged parents whose kids act antisocially and now knowing better. I would add that one's parenting can look a lot prettier if you're cowing to your kid's every whim and whine than if you're being lovingly consistent and firm. It is an awful feeling when your kid is having a rough day and showing it, though, isn't it? It wouldn't feel that way if parenting were more of a collective endeavor, but how to solve that one? I always wonder if people think I can't manage because they're twins, and I know from your writing that it's understandably even more loaded for you. Still, it sounds like the other people in the cry room were all parents, and if they don't get all that yet, they will. I remember that every time I get parenting advice from the SIL whose little one is 4 months old.


I use my son as my guide dog sometimes too. I know all those lights must have been confusing. Thank goodness you found your friend. I use the animal harness for my son. He doesn’t always want to hold my hand and I am paranoid I will lose him. It is hard enough at the playground by myself. I have to follow him so closely. I put my son in daycare since I started working. Working outside of the home has been much easier than being 24/7 mommy. I have the kitchen knifes up on the top shelf of the pantry because I am so paranoid that my son will get them somehow and I won’t be able to tell.
It is really nice when other people help get things. It is like no one wants to help because you are blind and they just expect you to do it without assistance or just not go out at all.
Glad your kids had a fun Christmas.
Our play kitchen that my parents gave my son came pretty much fully assembled.
I have a sited husband but he still can’t put anything together. He knows how but he takes two years before doing it.
Have a relaxing new year. I am hoping my son is sleeping through the New Year. I may even go to bed early. 12:01 am
sorry so long


Dear Lord, woman, I think YOU are the Christmas miracle for making it out alive! I know you have no other choice, but, damn. You really are amazing. And brave. The kids are adorable. And I wish I were your neighbor. Our kids could play in the afternoon and you could have a moment to yourself. That's what I do with my neighbor about once a week. The kids would play in the backyard, one of us would sort of watch them for an hour, the other would stay in her house and do whatever the hell she pleased.

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