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December 09, 2007



Good for you for writing to those assholes.

You should also CC the letter to the hospital's board of directors as well as your state's nurse liscensing board.


As a student entering the medical field, I think this is a letter that all health care professionals should read BEFORE they interact with patients. Your experiences are something that can teach the students patience and understanding when dealing with patients, especially those with disabilities or other circumstances which would be perceived by society as less than perfect.

I agree that you should send this to the hospital board for the purpose of teaching the hospital staff to be more accepting and to focus on helping their patients rather than scrutinizing them.

I really admire your honesty and bravery. Thank you for sharing.


Bastards. Do send this, but proof it or have it proofed first. There are a couple of simple errors. I'll do it, if you want. You don't want to give them ANYTHING on you, you know?


You rock.

Proof it and send it. Send it to the hospital, to the board of directors of the hospital, to the nursing station on the OB floor, and to the LCs office.


Definitely send it. Send it to me first if you want an editorial read with comments.


I can't imagine anything worse than the environment those terrible comments created. How could they think you wouldn't FEED the boys? What kind of judgmental person like that even goes into nursing? The nurses and the lactation consultant at my hospital weren't terribly friendly or helpful either but no one threatened me like that. You must feel doubly (triply?) proud of your parenting accomplishments now that you've hit this milestone and your boys are so beautiful and thriving so clearly.


That is an amazing letter. It kills me. I agree with everything already said, and I think you are amazing.


Send it
Great letter


I just found your blog and read a couple of your posts. I think you are really really amazing.


Send it- those jerks- it just makes my blood boil when people suck so much. Ooh- and keep us posted if you hear anything.


Not that you need another vote, but mine is the same: proof it and send it.

But I also want to ask for your advice. In a few months, I'm marrying a sweet, funny, bright, spiritual, great-hearted, psychologically-minded, attractive, wonderful man-- a computer programmer like me--- who also has cerebral palsy and uses a power wheelchair. We hope to become parents asap, and we have asked his doctor for a referral to a disability-friendly OB/GYN.

But, until reading your post, I didn't think about how important the hospital maternity staff will be as well. (Though, from some of my mother's hospital experiences, it really should have occurred to me.) What I'd like to ask you is whether you have any thoughts or advice on setting ourselves up for success with them, prior to my being admitted to give birth.

And, thank you, too, for sharing your stories and your well-articulated point of view!

LPN to BSN Nursing Grad

I agree. This should be require reading for all nursing students and grads.

Something formalized would go a long way toward helping new nurses.

Thanks for the great information.

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