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November 22, 2007



Sounds like more adventures at once than anyone needed. I hope your eye recovers completely! Very cool that the boys were so good when you needed them to be. I have painful memories of having stomach flu when my kids were little and my husband was out of town and that sounds much simpler than the situation you faced here. Wish I wasn't on the other side of the country.


Oh, Lisa! So sorry about your eye. I'm glad that the boys have been good for you and let you rest.

Good that D's surgery went well.

May your postponed Thankgiving celebration be systems-failure -free.

Oh, and good work asking for help. I'm terrible at it, too.


I'm praying for full recovery of your eye, and a wonderful Thanksgiving for your family. You are just an amazing person. It makes sense that the boys would behave so well while you were down -- they have your gift of adapting to difficult circumstances!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Oh, wow - you have a wonderful attitude about dealing with all that. I'm sorry you had to go through it, though. Give those good boys a kiss for me - and tell them to send some good boy vibes my direction, please. I'll be thinking about you and D as you recover.


Even a little further loss of vision makes a big difference. People seem to act the same way toward me when I tell them that my vision is getting worse.
That really sucks for you.
I am glad your kids were good to you
It seems like kids know when they need to stop causeing trouble
When I get upset my son always comes over to me and says “hug” as to say mom you are upset give me a hug and it will be all better.


Lisa, I'm so sorry that happened. I'm sorry you have to balance all that stuff when considering whether to go to the hospital. I have to say though, you are amazing. I lose some of my critical thinking skills when I'm scared and in pain, and it sounds like you did really well. I mean, I know you have to, but it's still admirable. I hope your vision comes back, you have enough to deal with without compensating for a new loss.

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