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September 18, 2007



Goodbye, Scrapper.

I wish that Scrapper and my cat Dinner could have met each other. They seem to have shared some quirks, or at least both were quirky.

I just love that picture of Aaron and Scrapper in the same position on the floor. Heh.


I am so sorry! I know you will miss him. Scrapper was fortunate to have had such a loving family.


delurking to say I'm sorry about Scrapper - she sounds like such a big personality - I know you'll miss her. I too have photos of a now long gone but fondly remembered cat lying on my pregnant belly.

Laura in L.A.

Lisa, I'm so sorry about Scrapper. I lost my 13-year-old "rescue" kitty, Lucy, to kidney failure last November, and I miss her so much. I found her in a parking lot when she was about 7 weeks old, and she was my baby. Scrapper was so lucky to have found her way to your family. Love to you all.


I'm sorry. It is so hard to loose a pet, and it never gets any easier, but I'm glad she had such a good and loving home.


I'm so sorry about Scrapper. Our dog is dying, and it's almost unbearable. He's been with us for 16 years, the same amount of time we've been together. I can't imagine life without him.

Also, I like this story because it shows the softer side of you sister, and that's fun to see.


Awwww. It is always so sad to see a friend lose a pet, but I am always happy to listen and provide a shoulder because I have lost beloved pets too. It isn't easy, they leave a hole in your heart!

Scrapper has crossed Rainbow Bridge, but will be in your heart forever.


Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful animal. I'm sorry, Lisa.


What a pretty cat! I'm sorry to hear she's gone.


Lovely kitty. But she's gone, its so sad.

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