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September 25, 2007


Lucía Moreno Velo

Well, you got me laughing again.


At my service the new pastor tried to tell the children about the real, historical St. Nicholas. One of the young children got worried about Santa Claus and the implications of her story, especially the part when she mentioned that St. Nicholas had died. The little girl asked, "Are St. Nicholas and Santa Claus the same person?" The pastor said, "Oh no. But they in the same family."

Laura in L.A.

Hi Lisa, I'm embarrassed at getting such a giggle at Scrapper's expense! Aaron is too precious for words.


this is hilarious.


Hahaha! Loved that story. My UU daughter told me last night that heaven is where wishes come true, and you can be an animal there if you want. I decided, why argue? Maybe she's right!


I love the way little minds work all the world out.


You are the funniest ever.

This should be a back page piece for Brain, Child.


Enjoying reading your blog for the first time (following back from your discovery of our blog).

Yeah, our son Gabriel has been very interested in the whole what-happens-when-you-die thing. In Judaism, we don't really have a concept of heaven or hell, so I gave him many "some people think..." options. His favorite/biggest relief was reincarnation, so that'll be interesting as he gets older.

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