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August 29, 2007



Yay! And you crack me up.


Great! My son was interested in the potty for two weeks and then lost interest. I am not worried. Eventually they will stop wearing diapers and if not stores make adult diapers. Just kidding.


We are at the voluntary sitting, but no pee yet stage. Here's hoping.


CONGRATULATIONS NIAM!! That is so huge. Great post as well - made me laugh - whilst rolling my eyes and not judging! Hey- who am I to fault anyone for being on the road to not having to change poopy diapers! I am toasting to ya sister! Can you send Niam over to teach Ellie this? Like - yesterday!



I have a disability-related question for your blogging calendar:

I shop at this evil, big-box store ("Meijer" if anyone else knows it) and they seem to employ a large number of visibly disabled people. I'd say of the employees I see there on any given shopping trip, maybe half will be disabled--from cognitive disabilities to wheel-chair users, the partially paralyzed people or amputees.

Now, on the one hand, I'm all, "hey, it's nice to see so many queers in one place" (which is how I've come to think of disabled people--as my fellow queers). On the other hand, it's an evil big-box store.

Are they getting slave labor from some evil government program or what?

I don't expect you to actually know a 100% accurate answer to my question, but I figured you could speculate with authority.


Well done Niam!!!!

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