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August 06, 2007



I like it a lot better when people are upfront too.
If I don't get my son out of the house at least once a day he won't let me rest for a second.


Wow, so much in this post. I get the weird bridge thing. I drive my mother's car, for one thing. It's been a long time for us, 9 years, but it's still weird. In my case it's more of a things outlast people disconnect. It's disorienting. How can her car still be here?

I'm sorry you lost her so young.


I love your "free-thought" posts. And the story about the fire truck reminds me of a kindergarten trauma--we moved and I missed my old school's field trip to the fire station. Now my brother's a firefighter, but I'm too old to really appreciate the extended tours of the firehouse and trucks.


Your safe-net program sounds a lot like a program we have here in the Midwest ;) Just a suggestion -- when you go back don't take a lunch but do eat the lunches provided or at least let the kids eat. We make a point of feeding whoever comes and and it sounds like they do too. I'm sure they really don't care if you "qualify" or not. If you feel bad about it, ask if there's a group you can make a donation to or a place you can volunteer to help make lunches or whatever. This sounds like a group that got your "disability days" message. ;)

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