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August 16, 2007



The description of your family is great. I think it will work well for young kids.


I wish I was close enough to come over and babysit.

I appreciate what you've said about D. here. I am also partnered with my imperfect best friend, and really, what could be better?

That Girl

What you said about being abandoned really hit home. I later heard a great warning. Someone said that they were told when their micro-preemies were born that their friends would fall into 3 catagories - gingerbread people, wanna-bes and rocks. The tricky part is that you can never tell who will be what beforehand.{In case it isnt obvious, rocks stick around, wanna-bes are your friends but cant help you in any appreciable way because of their own bad stuff, and gingerbread people who run run as fast as they can.)
I was shocked when my best friend abandoned me after I had Jake. And my sister. I wouldnt have believed it. I too, am still working through the bitterness.
Blogging is very cheap therapy! Worth a lot tho.
Here's a little armchair therapy for you - I used to be the same way you describe D. I let little things pile up until they reached critical mass. After one such meltdown it finally occurred to me that I crave control in my life, order. I rarely feel in control. If I let it go critical then I can swoop in and fix everything, making me feel like I am in control.
There is no better feeling than being able to see instant results for your efforts. You dont see that if there is never a problem to begin with.
Now that Ive solved all your problems, on to world peace!
:: Hugs::

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