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July 14, 2007


Another Lisa

Oh, no no no no! Not Simon! John was so much better looking. Even my sister went for Nick Rhodes! Simon was too much of a pudgy face!

But I'm glad your favorite DD song isn't hungry like the wolf. So many better songs out there.


Maybe so, RE John being better looking. But Simon was the lyricist and I'm a sucker for a guy who can put purty words together.

That's why Rick Springfield didn't last very long for me, his lyrics sucked.

(Keep in mind, I'm talking from the point of view of my pre-teen self. I mean, Girls on Film? Not a poetic masterpiece.)

Domestic Goddess

Dudes. You are all wrong.
Everyone knows that ROGER Taylor, the drummer of Duran Duran, was the hot one. Just to prove it, I might tell you about the time I sat through an Erasure concert in the front row just to see Roger for two seconds at the end when he took a bow...


I must not have been reading your blog in October 2005, because I hadn't read that piece about the signs before, and that was hilarious. And yet, even with being able to see the signs, I'm still confused a lot of the time! I don't know what that says about me.

I wear glasses and don't like to put them on in the middle of the night because it wakes me up. I touch one bedpost, then the next, then run my hand along the wall until the post at the top of the stairs, and once at the bottom of the stairs (I hang onto the banister) we leave the bathroom light on so I can head towards it. Once I decided to try this route with my eyes shut, and it was whole different ballgame! It was amazing how, although I can't see much, what I can see I really use. For this reason, training with a blindfold sounds like a good idea, if a person has partial vision.

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