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June 24, 2007



Thanks for this explaination! I had been wondering also. Most of all, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wait a few years and you'll wonder how on earth you could have possibly thought you were old right now. I can tell by reading that you are a wonderful person and you deserve the most awesome day ever. Bask in your day!


I hate the letters you have to type at the end of a comment too. I either have to press that wheelchair icon or ask my husband. Both are a pain. I have to use these letters on my blog because I got a lot of spam comments on my blog and now I don’t.
I did some 508 compliance testing for a company three years ago. That is testing the accessibility of websites. I would offer suggestions and the people I was working with did not seem to listen, all they needed me for was to teach them how to use JAWS my screen reader. I ended up quitting that job because I had to move. You are right if a website is a pain to read I usually don’t come back to it. No suggestions on your blog it works fine for me. I usually just skip all your links in the beginning.


I had to test some sites for my company a few years ago - I remember one site had a long pulldown menu that used lines of underscores to group the menu options into related categories. Each time the screen reader encountered one of these lines it read "UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE UNDERSCORE ..." Doh! I think all web site developers should be forced to use a screen reader against multiple websites just to develop a little empathy!


Fascinating. Thanks for the explanation. The idea of having a webpage read out loud to me is overwhelming since I'm a "skim" kind of girl. Does the web reader make allowances for people with crappy spelling? Also, there have been many times when I have to type in those jumbled spam-preventing letters a couple of times. They're really hard to read sometimes.


It's a shame about the jumbled letters, because they really, really cut down on the spam...

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