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June 18, 2007



So, pardon my ignorance here, but I feel like I can ask you this without offending you. Can you explain how you use the internet? I mean, obviously you do and I know there is adaptive equipment out there, but since I'm an anal-retentive detail oriented person who likes to picture how things actually work, can you explain? Does your keyboard look like mine? How is your screen different? How do you read other blogs and emails? I am fascinated by details like this. I hope it's okay to ask.


Once I ran across this blog that was talking about blind people and that they did not think it was necessary to do things just to make it better for blind people. I can’t actually remember what they were talking about, but they asked a question and wanted anyone to answer who knew. They wrote something like since blind people don’t use the internet. They were surprised that a blind person commented back. I sure let them know what was what. In a nice way though.
I use a program called JAWS. It is a screen reader and speaks what is on the screen. Everything is just like a normal computer just with additional software.
I know you know but this is for the commenter above.

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