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April 04, 2007



Well said

I've always thought that genetic counselors needed more access to the disability community. 90% is a huge number - what a loss for us all.
Christian hair? I always thought the beeehives and streaking = fundy hair.


Well I came over here to yell at you for not posting in such a long time and now all I can say is that it was worth the wait!

I once dated an OB/GYN who performed abortions at PP and she used to say "it's taking human life, but sometimes it has to be done." I think that's a profoundly thoughtful way to see it. She was always sad after a day at PP, the way she was happy after a delivery. But she wore a bullet-proof vest to the clinic, under FBI escort because she believed so strongly that sometimes it had to be done.

As for the Duggers, I agree with you in theory that a family like that is the logical extension of reproductive choice, but in actual reality, re: that actual family, I have to wonder to what extent Mrs. D. is making uncomplicated "choices" about her body and her family. The god-given rights of the patriarch to make reproductive decisions for his wife and daughters is a major piece of the ideology that the Duggers subscribe to. Women's choices are not valued within it. I mean, you could say she chose to live within that ideology, but I just think it gets sticky there.

But I'd never make fun of her vagina. I hardly see the point in that.

And yes--I hope they NEVER find a gay gene. I have no doubt more people would abort than not if they did. I am saddened by the loss of Downs babies as it is. I have worked with a lot of kids with Downs and they were great people with happy, loving, proud parents. If we're going to talk about indicators of God's will, why not consider that part of God's plan for Creation is that some folks have Downs Syndrome? They add something to human family life that is unique and special to them, and enrich the world in a way that only they can.

And I just use Downs as one example.



Yes, regarding the Duggars, particularly Mrs. Duggar, I also have real concerns about how the patriarchy and her place in it affects her ability to make real consented decisions. I also worry about the girls (and the boys for that matter) and how they are probably being enfolded into the patriarchical Christian mindset and what that might do to their options when they grow up. It is very sticky.

But for the purposes of this post, so that it didn't run longer than it is already, I had to narrow down my concern to just the mere fact that people criticize their right to have X number of children at all. Again, that right should be self-evident...the whole Mrs. Duggar is being oppressed under the patriarchy is a much larger societal issue. And that goes along with all the myriad of issues as to why pregnant mothers are in situations of poverty where they feel the need to abort or put their child up for adoption. Although y'all know I could go on and on, I tried to narrow this post to specifically talking about the rights women have/should have in regards to their bodies in reproductive decisions.


Such a hairy topic.
Yet, even this Catholic girl is (SHHH! Don't tell!) Pro choice. Reason? No one has the right to tell me how many children I am allowed to have. That decision is mine, and mine alone (although, I must admit, the husband is in here somewhere!). As the mother of two children with Autism (and several nephews, they think it may be genetic) it horrifies me that someday people could choose to abort because they cannot stand the thought of raising a child like mine. But no politician, religious person or rights group has the right to take that away. Stay out of my uterus is right!


I am very pro choice for the reasons that you gave, that no matter what choices we make personally, it is important to have options. A hobson's choice isn't really a choice at all. It comes at no suprise that the countries where sex education is close to nonexistent birth control is difficult to come by or even illegal are the countries that have very high abortion rates (even when abortion is illegal) vs countries where there is comphrensive sex education and easy acess to birth control, abortions are far more rare.

(and I agree with you on the Duggar's hair. As for Mrs. Duggar she can make the reproductive choices she wants to make but I feel a lot of symphathy for her kids who are doing the lion's share of running the house and rasing each other based on dugar family's description of their family life.)


Very nicely put.

On the Duggars: I'd never choose it, but I guess they're a good representation of what life could be like, ideally (?!?), when you live like they do.

I will say that I don't think that the kids get enough one-on-one time with their parents when you have dozens of kids, or enough of an actual carefree childhood, but there you go.

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