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April 28, 2007



A woman once parked on the stripes next to my van, so close that I literally couldn't get my son into the car. I WATCHED HER DO IT. I said, "Ma'am, you can't park there, it's not a legal space, and I can't open the door to put my son back in the car." She snarled at me that she didn't care, that she was just running in to STARBUCKS. Yes, her caffeine addiction was THAT important. Grrrr. Wish I had a camera on me at the time. But it was probably inside the car I couldn't open.


And then there are the people that BORROW someone elses handicapped signs so they can park in a handicapped space and not have to walk so far to get to the door of the Mall. Chaps my hide and I'm not handicapped!!! Lazy Slobs are what they are.


To clearify the above post, I am referring to healthy, able bodied adults, not a handicapped person.


It irks me, too. I have two children with special needs, one of which we require handicapped parking. Wanna know what gets me worse? The bathroom stalls. C'mon folks! Cut me a freakin break! I know it is bigger in there and sometimes unused but there is a reason for that!


and here's a good one for you.... my Mother in law required the use of a cane or walker for stability. It was a big deal for her to have a day that she felt well enough to get out and about. She loved grocery shopping so that was usually her big outing. While she was in the grocery store, she put the cane in the cart and held onto the cart. She turned to get something from the shelf, and when she turned back the cane was gone! It was a nice 4 legged cane. Someone freaking stole it. How low can you go?


Might be an Urban Legend ie I cant remember the source. Man with a disability drove a van and used a wheelchair would get steamed every time he had to wait for a parking space to open up. So in the name of fairness he would park behind the offender and when the illeagally parked occupant would return he would make the offender wait as long as he did to get out of the spot. Instant justice except for the time....a guy ran out of the drugstore stating "hey I was just in there for a minute you have to move your van now!" The man with a disability stated "you inconvenienced me, now its your turn". This time the illeagal parker showed a gun and explained, "No I'm really in a hurry I just robbed the store"
The man with the disability moved his van - I don't know if the robber/wrongful parker was arrested.


I saw one of my friends park in a disabled spots at a school function the other night. And no, she does not have the right to park there. Totally changed the way I feel about her. I'm sure she would have said that no disabled people were attending this event -- but how the h_ll does she know that someone might not show up with their disabled grandma?? Now I'm kicking myself for not saying anything.
On the shopping cart front, some stores like Costco have carts that are designed to fit two kids in the spot where one normally sits. Those car-carts were always too hard for me to maneuver with my two boys.

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