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April 11, 2007



He lost his sad.


It is so very sad.

Your other post about it was beautiful. What happened to it?



I wrote the other post quickly and emotionally. After posting it, I felt that my writing had not conveyed what I wanted to say well enough. I also felt like the timing was not right and that it may have had some unintentional DHAC effects to it. I don't think I conveyed my happy dancing moment today in a way taht is sensitive enough right now. It is my least intention to cause any pain or anguish due to my inability to write well. When the time is right later on, and when I have time to fix it so it conveys more of what I want to say, I may repost it.



First of all, thank you for the candle and the support and the blog friendship. I eagerly look forward to the day we can meet in person in PDX.

Believe it or not, I read the other post you wrote. I'm not sure how long it was up, but I happened by here while it was still posted. It was really touching and beautiful. It's of course your post and up to you when and if to put it back up or to revise it or come what may. But please know that I found comfort and strength and a bit of joy in it, and loved the image of you dancing with Naim and Aaron. I saw that post for a reason, I believe that.


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