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March 07, 2007



I hear ya. I work out of the home, so I get more of a break from T, than you get from your two, but still, I hear ya. I have to remind myself the same thing, enjoy this while it lasts, because sooner than we expect it we'll be dealing with teenage sulks, not toddler tantrums. And definatly, Yahoo for Aunt V!


I tried to write letters to Maddie and Riley every month and somehow managed to do it for the first four months. They are not nearly as beautiful as Dooce's letters, but they are something. Now I just have four months to catch up on. Sigh.

I know what you mean by the desire for a break from the constant companionship and a nostalgia for the fact that it won't last forever.

I hope Aaron feels better and that Naim stays healthy.


I'm really lucky to have a lot more help with my kiddo, but I still identify with missing them during breaks--even when you need the breaks.

Especially now, Nat is so fun to be around that even when I really need a break and I know it (happened last Sunday), it's bittersweet to leave her.

And even with all the help I have, I don't actually leave her very often. When I have child care, I'm almost always at home too, just working in another room.

I have to remind myself that it won't always be this way. She likes me a lot now. Someday she is going to shout that she hates me and I need to appreciate the lovey moments while I have them!


This is a really beautiful and funny post. I've been reading your blog for a while and I've really learned a lot - and I also relate a lot - but for some reason this one hit close(r) to home.

I try to keep a record of Hayden's life as it unfolds. But I'm basically lousy at that and I guess my blog is as much of a formal record as she's going to get.

And I also relate to the time alone thing! After reading this post I started thinking about time by myself, and I realized that in nine and a half months the only time I've been without my wee girl is when I work and occasionally when I shop for food. I enjoy it sooooo much though and I'm sure sometime I'll look back wistfully.

Best of luck, best wishes!

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