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February 03, 2007



1. like your cute-overload-ish title.

2. try hard tacos, or even easier, tostadas (flat hard tacos). or buy some pre-made tamales. cheap, filling, and meat-plus-carb dishy.


A lot of hypothyroid folks find they feel the difference between the various name brand meds and the generic--you're not alone there.

Avocado quesadillas--four ingredients, easy, quick and yummy, and vegetarian too. (Flour tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and shredded cheese. Assemble. I cook them on a skillet, one at a time, and cut into quarters. For a big quantity, you could probably use the oven instead.)


"I want to marry this drug and have little Levothyroxine babies."

Comments like this and the one about your pediatrician being on crack are why I love this blog! LOL Great writing. I am totally hooked.


Lisa, I was wondering/worrying what happened to you. Great post and glad you are hanging in there. A new marriage can take some time to adjust to.

Here is a no cook suggestion:


Ripe avocados
lemon juice on your avocado to keep it from going brown
pressed garlic
dried or fresh cylantro
salt to taste

Mash it all up with a fork and serve with tortilla chips.


Just came across this blog entry while searching for information about levothyroxine. My doctor warned me about the itch. The good news is, there are MANY different forumlations of generic levothyroxine. Ask your pharmacy what brand generic they use, and ask if they can get a different one. If not, find another pharmacy that carries a different kind of generic. Chances are the itch won't happen on a different generic.

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