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January 23, 2007



Sometimes I think that the health professions I have dealt with have their spiel about something, and it is easier for them to give the whole thing, rather than have me disrupt it by saying "oh, I already know that part". (I loved reading Thalya's blog about how her husband gently told an RE, "she has a PhD in genetics" when he started his spiel.) The thing is that with a primary care doctor (as opposed to a long consult), there's often no time to waste on stuff you already know.

I had heard about the foreskin thing, but only because I read a comment on a blog somewhere that said "and DON'T let the doctor pull it back!".


I enjoyed your eye-opening post about being talked down to regardless of your professional background. While I don't have any experiences as a disabled person, I too find myself being talked down to by our pediatrician (as well as OB-GYNs) and occasionally wonder whether to tell the doc that s/he isn't the only one with an education. I assume health care providers go into autopilot and just switch on their internal tape when dealing with patients and their caregivers. On those occasions when I ask questions, I often get a less than satisfactory response. Two possible explanations suggest themselves: 1) The doc is still talking down to me even after I ask a focused question. 2) The doc isn't actually much of a reader/thinker him/herself, hence doesn't KNOW much beyond the standard, canned response. In the example with pulling back the foreskin, sounds like your doctor hasn't been reading the literature lately.

Ron Low

You really do have actionable mal-practice by this doctor. Nobody but the owner should EVER try to retract a foreskin.

If he gets past the initial discomfort ok, the worst outcome is likely that he may wind up with a shorter than average foreskin. I've helped intact guys use foreskin restoration methods and they report early retraction as the suspected cause of their problems.

Don't be a sucker. DROP this asshole doctor like yesterday.


I don't have advise about foreskins - although if we had a boy I was lobbying for no cutting.

But eczema I did have as a kid, (well into elementary school I was itching my butt because of it). My Mom has told me that it cleared up after she started using the "free and clear" type laundry detergent. No promises that it'll work, and I don't know what you use now, but something to think about.


Hi there! Deaf mom here! ;) I do get that "talking down" from various people even though I have an effing M.Ed. So annoying! Luckily, my 18-month-old son's ped is a really nice woman. We made it clear that we did NOT want to vaccinate our son and wanted NO pressure from her. She respected that.

Our son is also uncircumcised and we have left it alone. His ped leaves it alone as well. One other thing I like about the ped is that she is not in a hurry to fill out prescriptions for every little ailment. We wait it out first and then try homeopathic remedies. My son NEVER had OTC or prescibed meds until yesterday. After three days of low-grade fever, we visited the ped who could find nothing wrong, we decided to go ahead with Tylenol before trying antibiotics. The Tylenol seems to be masking my son's symptoms but at least he's feeling a little better. Will wait a bit longer before trying antibiotics (tmw will use if he's not better).

Also, Burt's Bees PASTE rocks! My son had mild eczema last year and the paste made it go away. Be sure NOT to use lotion because it dries out the skin. Just use the paste alone.

Your boys are adorable! =)

That Girl

I used to be a "slacker" mom who didnt take my kids to the doc for every little thing. With the baby now of course he is medicated for everything instantly out of necessity rather than my wish or general attitude.
There are also a lot of school rules that cause problems tho - most schools require a doctors note after 3 days absent so if your kids gets the flu or a virus you have to take him anyway. It's annoying.
Im glad the children are as healthy as they are cute!

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