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January 19, 2007



Ok - you finally got me to delurk with this post - been reading (and enjoying!) your blog for a while.

I agree with you about people who are totally healthy often assuming that it has something to do with virtue on their part. So much of it is just plain luck. I look at my friend who is struggling with a nasty aggressive cancer after having been a vegetarian yoga teacher for her entire adult life - no lifestyle factors there, she just got profoundly unlucky.

Hope the thyroid hormone helps. I was diagnosed hypothyroid 10-12 years ago and it definitely helped my energy level, immune response to whatever bugs my kids bring home and weight maintenance. Not a cure-all to be sure but it was an improvement.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

Thank you for this post. I feel like crap much of the time, there is little I can do about it, and it is all invisible (a bad back, insomnia, and endometriosis). I tend not to complain because what's the point? People who are always healthy always seem to think it's because they do everything right. My MIL told me just the other day (when talking about my SIL's pregnancy) that she felt that morning sickness was "mind over matter". I can only hope she wasn't thinking about who she said that to, since I spent over 7 months in an intimate relationship with an emesis pan. Drives me nuts, but it also hurts.


Nice Post Lisa. And you are right, good health is something to be grateful for. I am still thinking about your post about when you were a new mom and at home alone with twins and recovering and on the floor feeding them because you were too weak to stand up. And I think that you are one of the strongest people I have ever heard of. I think your perfectly healthy sister has chosen to take on a much easier life this time around than you. And I think you have taken on a lot and are handling in with the most amazing grace. You inspire me on a regular basis.

I am glad to hear the meds are working for the Thyroid thing and I hope you teeter on the right side of the edge with all of your scary health issues. I have had some health issues too that have led up to the problems with Ellie's birth. Having health problems is not mind over matter it is usually, like you said, the DNA lottery. You can think there is no reason, it's all random or you can look for a spiritual explanation, which is what I do - just because it helps ease my mind and heart.

Great post. Hang in there.


Living with a chronic illness, I don't ever expect my body to work. And I'm not surprised when it doesn't. My partner, until recently, was one of those healthy types.

She wants to go to the doctor and get antibiotics (argh!) when she has a cold. Because medicine must have a treatment for everything, right?

Her infertility felt like a shock to her. It felt totally unsurprising to me. Does this make sense?

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