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November 27, 2006



Those look like great choices. But seriously, what was up with that woman??? What if you had a black child? (Adopted or otherwise?) Totally out of line in my opinion.

That Girl

Yeah - talk about projecting! Woman had issues.

Im getting my 17 month old a drum with some other hand-held musical instruments mostly because while I think buying very small children gifts is stupid theres a small chance he will feel left out.

So a musical gift it is for the kid who spends a lot of his day singing and playing on his "Musical Playground".

I requested a PT toy from the grandparents, and a kid's suitcase - all part of preparing for hospital stays. I have an insane idea that being allowed to pack his own suitcase for the hospital will somehow make it more palatable.

I know, pathetic.

That Girl

And not to forget (which I did) my 15 year old, who is getting - nothing!

As per a deal from last year, he will receive no gifts large or small throughout the year and I will buy him the Playstation 3 once people are done killing themselves over it's release. So he'll get his 2006 gift in March or April of 2007.


A few years ago a friend of mine wanted to get her daughter a toy stroller to push around, but her husband thought it was too girly, and he was trying to avoid overly-gendered toys. I had to laugh, because ALL the little kids (not that many, to be fair) I knew loved pushing strollers around.

My brother had a tonka truck when we were little. I overheard my mother tell one of her friends once that if anyone broke into our apartment, she would hit them with the tonka. Must have been the heavy, metal version.


That story makes me so angry.


hey lisa. i've always been a fan of patterns in letters, shapes, colors, textures, etc. check out the wooden blocks made by Uncle Goose.

they even have a set with large line drawings of fingerspelled letters PLUS braille!!!

see also the very tactile Groovie Blocks

the color cubes are for making tangrams and geometric/mosaic designs. not really a 2-year-old thing, but i was wild for them in my modified-montessori preschool/kindergarten, from ages 2 to 5.

apparently, there are a few stores in your area that sell uncle goose stuff. they're listed by state at

personally, i'm a big fan of shopping online. which is why i have all the links to give you.

as for train sets, i don't necessarily need a tv tie-in. i notice that Brio has some "My First Sets" that are made for babies and toddlers. but beware, is decidedly not blind friendly. it's all javascript and image generating files. feh. try this link for "my first railway set."



Thank You!! I saw the Braille/tactile blocks a long time ago in a Montessori catalog and then couldn't ever find them anywhere again. These are the exact ones I had wanted. I'd forgotten about them.

yeah, I don't need the Thomas tie in either, or the whole train table. I don't see why you just can't keep it all in a tub and bring them out onto the floor. I like the wood ones like thomas and brio because they just have a nicer feel to them. So, maybe this year or this summer. Thanks!


Actually you are ahead of me in the present buying department. But I had to laugh, cause I included the little people doll house on T's wish list I gave to grandparents, and I too had the 70's version as a kid.

As for the train, friends of ours bought the Thomas train, and no-name tracks of the same gage, and their kiddo never knew the difference.


The grandson really adored the letter spinning lulu spider. It had the least annoying music of any toy I've heard. You tap the tummy on the cute spider and it has several modes: it will recite letters one at a time, it will sing the alphabet song or it will form a letter on its LED tummy and ask you to guess then tell you the letter is blah. There is no big noise and grandson was in love with lulu.


I related the clerk story to my husband with an appropriate amount of indignation, and he asked me what ethnicity the clerk was. I realized I didn't know, and had assumed she was caucasasian, because you didn't mention it. Hmm...
I asked him if he thought a person of color, or AA person, would have called black dolls "ethnic." He said he thought they might if they thought the were talking to a person who was blind. It put a new spin on the situation for me, although I still don't think she was right. But maybe she was afraid you would get flack from family members and was trying to help, in a misguided way. It still says a lot about racism and disbilityism.


We got our son the GeoTracks train set last Christmas when he was 2 and him and his little brother love it. you can add to it or make it smaller...great train set that will grow with your kids.


I tried to leave a comment here last night and my internet service cut out. But I wanted to say that you don't have to be blind to miss that the Black baby dolls are "ethnic" because they're all so light anyway.

They're barely Black. Nat has a couple and they look white next to her. So there's my critique of the whole race and dolls thing.

I'm sure Aaron and Naim are quite capable of transracial doll parenting anyway!

Haven't read the newest post yet. Must do some work, then I'll come back here and get all bogged down in you and your smartness!


Love your gift list. And yup, that woman was certifiably offensive re the "ethnic" dolls. I should hope you can decide yourself what to buy... I mean really. I am very caucasian, but for my fourth christmas ALL I wanted was a BROWN baby doll with BLACK BRAIDS, and refused to express interest in any other toy for fear that I would NOT get my brown baby doll... I got her, (rag doll made by my grandma) and loved her so much she is patched all over (with brown cotton)... I still have her. I specifically buy dolls for my friends' kids of different races, esp if I find ones that look ethnic, ie a native american baby, rather than brown plastic in white doll mold. I mean really. These are supposed to be the kids' friends. Do we grab their playmates away from them at daycare and steer them towards the "appropriate" matching-raced child? Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I would report her. I mean really. Maybe she also offers to get you backordered cookies and cake if you come to the checkout with meat and veggies? After all, how could you have chosen such things freely? uck. End of rant. (from me, who will most likely have a mixed race family once I finally get a child to adopt!) ... ps, sorry I haven't been here for so long.. I'll come back and read your "death" post... just skimmed for photos... loved the ones of your (very educated) dog. I understand you miss her... mine died in Oct.


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