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November 20, 2006



I am absolutely amazed I have anything to add to this post, but I do.

I watched Murderball with my husband and there is a part where they start talking about quad sex. I have to admit it was right about the point in the movie where I started wondering if they had any functioning left in that area.

After they started talking, it was very clear they could get busy. AND, these guys are HOT. Really Hot. Amazing athletes, kind of bad boyish. Hot.

At that point, I turned to my husband and said, "Dude. I would TOTALLY do those guys. I bet they have groupies after this movie." I bet they do have groupies too. Damn were they hot.

That reminds me that I want to look up when the quad rugby competition comes to town because that was a really interesting sport too.

American Family

Oh, and good for you for getting some. No reason to be embarrased about that at all.


What American Family said. No reason for you to be embarrassed. I loved your post. Thanks for taking the time to explain things.


Oh, I'm not embarrassed about getting some, I'm just embarrassed about writing about it!

Yeah, Murderball, Amber...some of those guys were hot! It has gotten some critisism for being a bit masogynistic and I did cringe when the girlfriend said she had a mothering instinct. I am not D's mother nor do I want to be!
But I was glad they did at least talk about it.

Thanks, ladies!


This was a great post.

Thanks lisa, for making what are to me (at least for right now) abstract concerns, very human and very real.


I'd give a shout out to the sexuality section in my copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves. To the extent that I thought about disabled people's sexuality in the past, it was because it's included in that book. (Now I'm trying to remember if the character in the wheelchair in Dykes to Watch Out For got any sex.)

I was a little confused when you mentioned lack of sex life, since I figured the disability wasn't the problem. I don't know why the whole mother-of-twins/partner in the hospital thing didn't occur to me.


Here I thought I was going to be all unique and mention Murderball. What a great movie. And I agree with the hotness.

bint alshamsa

I just thought I'd chime in and add that I am also of the opinion that those murderball athletes were pretty dern sexy.

Thanks for talking about the sex and disability issue. My partner and I are in a similar situation regarding healthcare. If we got married, I'd lose my coverage and seeing as I have cancer, lupus, and a whole host of other problems, there aren't any insurance companies that are willing to cover me at any rate I could possibly ever afford. At first it really bothered me but now I'm pretty okay with it. I can't imagine things being much different even if we had spent one day of our lives all dressed up and paraded in front of our families to prove we really are serious about each other. If nobody has caught on to that fact after all these years, then I don't think getting married would change anything.

If it works for you guys, then I'm glad that you've found happiness.


Great post! Thanks for sharing and educating all of us.

I'm TOTALLY checking this movie out now LOL


This was the greatest post to read.

Someone else who had/has similar experience, and who figures "workarounds" are no big deal. :)

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