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October 02, 2006



Thank you for the compliment and thanks for the link to the women for women thing. Going to check it out.



if i lived near you, i would come knock on your door tomorrow morning, bring you bagels and coffee and give you and HUUUUGE Thank You HUG!

i am not feeling well tonight. but i wanted to write and thank you for writing this... for reminding me that dreams DO come true. and i needed so much to hear that tonight, but even moreso i needed to *see* it tonight. in the example of you and your sweet boys.

i cant thank you enough.

much love,
(future-RN, future-MOM)

Ryn Tales


Thanks so much for writing this. I know what you mean about seeing a shadow of her and feeling that things are not complete. We have been having a tough time completing our family and it has been a really hard week finding out that things are not quite the usual or maybe even possible in terms of my fertility. But I often perceive that another child is there to play with and love my dear Ellie. Your post tonight came just when I needed to have faith in my dream of a sibling for her an another child to raise. You are a great writer and it sucks that your disability is such a discriminating factor against you. As a mother of a Ellie, my child with severe moter disabilities because of cp but high cognitive functioning, it makes me crazy when I read your experiences. And knowing her and so many other children with disabilities but with so, so much to offer the world it just kills me that people are so ignorant and lazy. It makes me want to fight. Not that I don't fight every day for everything she gets. But keep writing and dreaming and being a spectacular mom. Thanks so much for your posts - especially tonight. You are my hero! And I am getting back a glimmer of hope.


"not a day goes by when I don't marvel at how lucky I am"

So very true, and I didn't have fertility problems, but I am still amazed that my daughter is here, her own person, and a great joy to me.


I totally got the butterfly thing. But then, I'm all about the literary metaphors.

Meanwhile, I'm glad you appreciate what a fabulous mother you are, in spite of your many detractors. Because those kids are so lucky you're their mom!

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