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October 03, 2006



Hell yeah. I am pissed off when the buttons on the automatic doors don't work. I'm mad for me, but also for other people who can't open the doors themselves. Once, when I went to vote (and brought my kids in their double stroller), I had to go all the way around the building and thru the back. It was confusing and a pain in the butt. I couldn't believe that a presidential election wasn't held in a more accessible environment! So, yes, I think of the people who made these conveniences possible and STILL have to fight for them today.

Also, that was a fascinating post.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

I've thought about that a lot too, how much we take advantage of ADA benefits as moms (especially twin moms). I'm grateful for a little window into what it must be like, even if the window is limited. At our birth-to-three class, which meets in a school after hours, the handicap access door is always locked, and the one closest to the birth-to-three classroom is always the only one open. That, and the elevator is often locked open for the the janitor. I need those things for the double stroller, and the janitor gave me the business when I politely asked him to fix these things. We did our first bus trip the other day too, but J came with us, and it was much shorter. I think a year from now we'll be doing it regularly. We live right by light rail too, and we go downtown sometimes. -I'm so glad you're writing again, I always enjoy your blog so much.


I have seen two of your entries so far and am impressed. My daughter is now 13, going on 14, and I remember those oh so familiar days of whether I have the energy or the strength to deal with not only keeping her safe on the bus, but also dealing with JQ Public and the perceptions that they have, your bus driver who was inconvenienced by the mom trying to give her children a day out. Keep up your hard work. One day it will all be worth it when the report cards come home and you think of all the little things you did to expose them to so many experiences that you did. Kelly

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