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October 12, 2006



yay, vermicomposting! my former roomate, ben, who used to be the vermicompost dude in our apartment, sent me this link today:

"Calif. Encourages Bringing Worms to Work"

And, you have my undying admiration for your calm and informative conversation with that clueless playground mom. and all the others like her.


The optimist in me is hoping that the mother at the playground, despite her "crazy" comments, will eventually assimilate what she actually saw, which is a deaf blind mother taking fine care of her kids. The cynic in me, ugh.

My housemate in grad school used to ask our landlady for some worms from her compost to put in the potted plants in our apartment.

I found you from the carnival. Love your thoughts and your writing style. Thanks so much for sharing.


Stupid playground lady: stupid. That is all.

Worms: cool! I want some! I am totally getting some! Sometime. Not sure when.


I started to feel sorry for you having to put up with that stuff from people when I had to do a double take. Man, I would be so proud of myself if I had the ability you have to handle yourself in a confrontive interaction. To be able to defuse that kind of situation is admirable. I don't think that being disabled gave you that ability, although it certainly gave you a need for it. I think your strength and pragmatism is a part of your character and the choices you have made. That is not to say that I don't think it is rotten that any jerk on the street can threaten your freedom to live your life. It is not very understandable to me that so many people never question their own right to deny another person a freedom they never question possessing. Maybe you should not have the right to get married if you are an alcoholic or if you have been convicted of assault? Maybe you should not have a right to build a pool in your backyard unless you take lessons in CPR. That kind of intervention in people's lives isn't even feasible but where are we drawing the line?

Anyway, I think you deserve to give yourself a smoothie or chocolate shake in honor of your mature and tolerant behavior.

Your title made me laugh. My bossy 2 year old grandson has decided he gets to tell the dog how to behave. He can't pronounce the 'k' sound yet but you can hear the echo of his preschool teachers when he scolds, 'Wat away, Rowo! You wat away!'


Well! I thought I had lots of screwy comments when I take my nephews and niece out in public (never all 6 at once!), but apparently not! Is it bad that I'm glad there are other people out there who can relate to the whole "being a target in public of well-meaning people" thing? I'm in a chair and man - it's like you are someone else's property!
I can't wait until I have (one) kid but I'm not looking forward to the slightly concerned looks from suspiciously-nice people on the street.
Bravo to you for being a cool cucumber!

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