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October 05, 2006



That's soooo awesome! I think we would eat more fruit and vegetables if it was delivered AND looked that pretty. I get bummed out at grocery story produce... so much of it doesn't look fresh.


Oh, I'm angry about the mercury in fish!

I used to use celery in stir-fried dishes, but otherwise, using it up is not my strong point either. (In Old Colony, the vegetable vendors at the market would cut a bunch of celery in half or quarter it, which yielded a much more reasonable amount for me.)

Maybe if you chop a bunch up and freeze it, you could add a bit at a time to stir fries and stews when/if you cook them. Of course, I tried that with leftover Napa Cabbage and never used it.


We do a CSA, too. We split it with another couple. Unfortunately, it only runs through October since this is NOT a mild climate! Ours offers a cookbook (made by them) at the beginning of the year with explanations of the various veggies (we get some weird ones) and recipes. They also send out weekly emails with specific recipes for what we're going to receive that week. Now if they would only deliver . . .


Too cool, I don't know if there is CSA around where I live, but I do try and stop at farm stands and/or the weekly market. Unfortunatly, not nearly as convenient as home delivery!

The only thing I sorta-regularly use celery in is soups and stews, and hmm, on those rare occasions that I roast a bird. So maybe a potatoe-celery soup?


Yours is pricier than ours. Ours is 400 for 7 months for a full share--but our shares are smaller. They don't deliver to our house, but the pick up is stroller-able. Also, we have a separate (no-hormones, no-antibiotics) milk delivery company and the milk is actually cheaper from them and I don't have to lug the heavy cartons up the stairs with Nat every week. I love that!

Celery: What I'd do is use it in soup stocks. If you have some carrots, potatoes, turnips, greens, winter squash and celery (or some of those) that are looking limp, simmer them all for half a day slowly, strain them and freeze the stock to use in winter soups.

You can do that with anything left over too long or that you aren't sure how to cook and eat. Veggie stock is lovely for making rice or couscous too.

Pamela Denchfield

Stir-fry the celery and then add tomatoes toward the end, with fish sauce and sugar/salt. After six minutes, the tomatoes are of the best consistency. Serve over steamed jasmine rice. (Cambodian recipe.) I used to do this with beef but I no longer eat beef. You might also try with tofu. The combination of celery and tomatoes is tasty.

We just joined a CSA this year and we love it! I love knowing where my food comes from. When I eat a boiled egg, I have no question about the condition the hens are in. The couple who runs the farm, which is a few hundred feet from our front door, knows the names of each of their 88 chickens.

We do have the problem of spoiling food. We are just getting the hang of finding ways to eat them right away - I made a salad last week with the greens, cucumber, carrots, and a ginger dressing from the store, and the other day I made a stir-fry with what I got from the CSA, rather than needing specific ingredients to fulfill a particular recipe. It was SO GOOD. Tonight I plan to boil those ears of corn for a 2nd potluck dish (will have to bring the corn holders). Tomorrow I'm giving potatoes to my sister (she's giving me apples from her backyard). Even if the food does spoil, I'm glad to be supporting the farm.


Celery is great for stock... if you have a chicken you've eaten from, an onion a couple carrots and some celery - throw it in a pan for about 4 hours et voila you have a great chicken stock for soup. Now I've said that, you are vegetarian aren't you?!

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