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September 19, 2006



Ahhhhh. Rachel Ray. That poor dear NEEDS A VOICE COACH!

Her shrill, grating voice drives me batty. The food looks great - but oh - that voice!

Now,Ina Garten and Paula Deen are FAT, which tells me that they eat their own cooking. Bless them both! Plus, neither are shrill and yappy-voiced. Love 'em!


I know nothing of her talk show. I like the cooking show but it's on when I am cooking. And I refuse to have a t.v. in the kitchen and I couldn't deal with the distraction anyway.

Seems like less is more with Rachel.

I have a cookbook you might like though. It's Cooks' Illustrated's "Quick Recipes" and it's all under an hour, mostly whole food with those occasional Rachel-style shortcuts. My first and favorite cookbook. I don't have many, I'm picky!

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