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August 21, 2006



Lisa, i have never, ever, ever known you to be full of shit! All I can say is, right on about every word you wrote.

All I'd add is, "educators" aren't the only ones to blame for the bell curve lump problem. Let's place a good chunk of that blame at the feet of GW Bush and No Child Left Behind, among other administrative screw-ups by politicians and cabinet members.

I don't know WHAT that mother was thinking putting her own kids in a "special needs" category based on adoption. The last thing I want is my child to be labeled. Hello home school!

And duh, I would think the Unitarians would be all over the "diversity" approach to family strtucture. That's such their thing and all! maybe she hasn't been one for long?


I once read something that said to never tell a teacher that your child was a foster child or adopted because they will be labeled negatively. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I also feel that the only reason Bug passed 3rd grade was that they knew she was a foster child at a residential home. She still can't complete most of the 3rd grade work. Adoption is something that needs to be addressed as part of a child's life, sure but as a special need?? Noo..I'm with Shannon..homeschool! :)


All I will say is that would bother me and I don't think I could have kept my mouth shut.


It reminds me of when my cousin was put in a program at her high school designed to encourage students from a particular ethnic group to prepare for college. Her father was part of that ethnic group, but he was also a college professor. While the program had good intentions and may have been appropriate for some of the students, she needed something more along the lines of support for slacker kids of well-educated parents.

I know I always resented people making assumptions about me based on the fact that my parents were divorced.

That Girl

As an adopted kid, I am so insulted! It's like asking me if I know my real parents. (Reply: About as well as you know understanding).
I totally agree with the styles of learning thing. I really never understood, now that we know that different kids learn differently, why school classes arnt segregated that way rather than in the arbitrary way they are now.
My son is in special classes cause he learns visually - they just re-teach the lesson to him in a different way.
He isnt even close to being the only one, so why not have a class taught that way?
Seriolusly, this is why I became a home-schooler and my big regret is that I couldnt continue with him.

Ryn Tales

You said "None of them are special unless all of them are." Thank you for that- it's completely true and damn well put. I am dealing with special ed teachers, evaluators, and regular teachers - none who have taken the time to see my daughter the way she truly is. That's hard to do when you are busy trying to see how you can deal with her with the least effort. "None of them are "special" unless all of them are." I so agree.

I have a child who was born 3 months early had a brain bleed. She is almost four now and the love of my life. Her school did not get what integration truly meant. They made no attempt to adapt activities in ways that she could participate. You are dead right regarding different learning styles and the school system's bias towards the visual learner. What a shame too since less than 30% of all people learn that way.
I have experienced alot of what you have in terms of making public places and experiences accessible to all and I share your frustration. I at times bite my tongue and at others am really up front. I have tried to push things through and at other times taken a more tactful approach - either way it's slow going. I see the need for change every time I am out with my daughter and we can't get somewhere because there are steps.

Thanks for your thoughtful, informed, eloquent and insightful post.

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