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August 02, 2006


That Girl

Yeah bi-ped Aaron!!!

I feel so bad for D - the most horrifying experinece of my life as a home-health aid was when one of my patient's back just started to... desinigrate is only word for it. No matter what I did or how often I did it it just got worse and worse. I know he was in pain despite the morphine.

Hair growing out = suckage. It seems like time slows, suddenly your hair doesnt grow at ALL.

Fresh fruit and veggies are great - this new place we live in the middle of white suburbia has no markets anywhere and i miss it.


dear lisa,

(1) i LOVE your blog!

(2) THANK YOU so much for your blog.

i am 35, and in nursing school. i dont have any prospect, really, of anyone on the horizon that i plan to spend my life with... but i desparately want to be a MOMMY.

i have promised myself i will not pursue it until i am an RN and can afford to manage a life on my own and give my child what he or she needs... reading blogs like yours, makes me realize i CAN do this on my own. so many people poo-pooh me about being a single parent, and how it cant be done.

yeah, whatever.
it wont be easy, but is dual-parenting easy?

i want to be a mom bad enough to tackle the challenge. my child and i will have a good life and a lot of love and laughter...

thank you so much for your stories and sharing your life with us.

PS - your boys are precious! they are lucky to have such an awesome mom and dad in you and D.


The fresh fruit and veggies sound great. Where did you find the food? I would like to get something like that.
Children are wonderful. My son is so close to walking. It is crazy how fast they grow!


Yeah, Aaron! One of my guys is still floppy when we try to walk together, but I'm pretty stubborn about it. The sooner the 3 of us can walk together, the safer they'll be and the more freedom they'll have. We've done CSA too, and loved it - I'm so jealous that you get fruit in yours! Maybe you should start vermicomposting and drive your Dad right out of the house for a while.. Glad you're making plans and feeling a little hopeful.

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