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August 14, 2006



I think all your posts are good (including those you took down, though I understand why you did) so I hope you are back soon.


I'm mostly a lurker but I read regularly...

I will miss you when you're not posting. Your posts (all of them) are so full of your indomitable spirit, your valuing of all people (even those who disagree with you) and your bright heart. You are very special and unique, and don't you forget that.

That Girl

What they said!


Looking forward to your return.


Come back soon!


oh no!! No THINNING!! We like it all! I haven't been here for a wee bit, though I notice your comments on other sites like baggage. I just read this post and had to say that probably things you think aren't that interesting really are, since you have such a life different from the average healthy, married, adopting from china, thankthelord blogger. I really like all your rants, your way of thinking, your bits about daily life with the kids, the hassles of the nondisabled world, politics and all. I learn something from each and every post and often find you totally inspiring. Really. If I can make a life like my kid like you do for your sons (I think of your photoshoot of the day in the life), I would be so proud!! Thanks for blogging. Enjoy your break but let the readers decide which posts they like and don't. ok? thanks!!

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