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August 08, 2006



I am so sorry.
Also, I am feeling very naive. I know there are discussions about kill and no-kill shelters, but it never ocurred to me that a city shelter would lie like that.


Oh my God. That is so horrible. I am so sorry.

That Girl

Im so sorry. Im gonna send your post to as many people as possible.


Oh, Linda. I'm so, so sorry this happened. I'll be thinking of you and D and Zoe.


This is awful! I'm sorry you experienced this, but it is good that you're telling people about this and getting the warning out. I'm really sorry.


Just reading your story makes me want to throw up. I'll be sure to spread the word and contact these pathetic liars myself. Unbelievable.


I'm so sorry. I guess I would be just as naive. I can't imagine anyone just outright lying like that. How horrible and how heartbreaking.


Oh dear god, I took a dog I found, to the animal shelter in Kent, WA a week and a half ago. They told me that they are not killed unless they don't pass the "temperment test." I was sure she'd pass, and I really hoped her owner would pick her up, since she was obviously a pet. I've got to find out what happened to her. They didn't return my call when I called.


Sorry my last comment was so self-centered. I went to the animal control site and found the dog I dropped off on the adoptable page, plus the dog that was being processed before her. So, apparently, animal control places vary.

I'm so sorry about Zoe, and that someone felt the need to rant and rave to you. I do think working at animal control would sour anyone. But that's no excuse for subjecting you to tirades about societal problems. Especially since you'd been lied to and would have made a different choice given full information.

I wish I could talk my husband into adopting the dog I dropped off. Unfortunately, she's big, furry and stressful for our current dog.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double)

That is just awful. "Blogging well is the best revenge", as they say, but I'm sure it doesn't make up for what happened.


I am so sorry this happened to you. It's like a terrible nightmare.

I am just getting caught up after returning home from our trip. Let me know if we can help with the grand plan to move to safer and less crazy ground. Best wishes to D on getting through bed rest.


That is so sad, and I'm really sorry. Thank you for sharing this story and making us all more aware. My heart goes out to you and your family, including your cats.

Thanks for writing about this. I am not a big blog-reader, but I'm glad I read this. I always took their word for it when a shelter told me they were kill vs. no-kill. I will definitely be careful to check a place out before I send an animal there now. Thanks for your heart-wrenching story.

Yep, it's about the $$$$. Another thing I wonder about: Where do the bodies go? Because biology departments pay money for those, too. Is there a connection? It makes me sick that so-called human beings would be so callous as to use not only the animals but the people who love them, who would lie to someone about something so precious in order to get the numbers or the $ they are after.

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