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June 04, 2006



Wow, I can't believe toy stores are so bold either. I thought we'd be less discriminatory by now. I'm glad your little one is doing better. Here's hoping he gets back to walking soon!


It's so much easier to cross-dress a girl! Nat has plenty of clothes from the "boy" section of clothing stores. (And when she wears them, people say "what a big boy! What's his name?" and I say "Nat!" smugly and grin.)

At the Gap, they have well made pj's with nature on them. They are in both the boys and girls sections. Nat has nice pj's with bugs. Here's the kicker: on the boys' side, the bugs were orange and on the girls' side, the bugs were pink. Same bugs, otherwise. Same thing with a fish theme. (I got Nat the orange ones, because it was a nicer orange than the pink was pink, I thought.)

So you could get Naim some pink bug jammies at the Gap.

They're pricey though.


Pajamas! With flowers on them! What a great idea! I have the same problem (or rather, I have male twin 14-month-olds, and society has the problem). O is all about the trucks already (as was I at his age, admittedly), but N is sooo into flowers, trees, bugs, dolls, and animals. I’ve tried to at least get him clothes with animals rather than cars on them, but without much luck, as we buy a lot of things used. I’ve even gotten comments about a shirt that he has that’s lime green with a picture of a bee and a worm. Somehow, after the age of 6 months, even lime green is a “girls” color. Bah. I’m not that brave either, mainly because I don’t want them to get comments that make them feel funny. However, if they insist on wearing pink, or a dress, or a feather boa, they will be allowed that and God help anyone who tries to stop them. Unless it’s a Bratz outfit, of course! Seriously, the pj’s thing is a great idea. I’m in the market for 2T’s, and I will check out the “pepto-bismal” section of Target’s children’s area. The toy thing is also just plain infuriating. Oh, but it’s all “genetic”, right? Even though billions are spent on making sure my toddlers have a fixed gender identity? Right.

Lisa M

I love your posts. Love them. Thank you so much for them. Good for you, in buying the lavander cart. I think that is great. Maybe he'll do more SHOPPING and helping, than most men. *chuckle*

You're such a good mommie.

I would not be at all surprised about the seizure causing some regression in walking. YOU get that PT my friend. I mean, can it hurt?


Thanks for the bullets. I loved them.

Jonathan Dresner

Our little guy just loves bright colors, flowers, long hair.... we're fortunate to live someplace where guys can get away with some of that without getting QUITE as many odd looks, but it's still a struggle sometimes. So many of the clothes he wants are on the "wrong" side of the aisle now, but they really are pretty (and the stuff for boys is just tacky, unless you get into really high-priced stuff).

The toy thing is just dumb: do they know how much money they're losing by not selling stuff to EVERYBODY?

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