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June 15, 2006



What beautiful happy children!


Think Dinosaurs. My son's been out of 18m-24m clothes for a while, but I remember finding a lot of dinosaur/archaeology-themed clothes in those sizes. I also made a point of buying t-shirts for him in museum gift-shops--a little pricier than the discount stores, but I figured it went to the museum, and it meant a much wider range of images. Fish, sharks, otters from the aquariums, birds from Audubon sanctuaries, monkeys and giraffes from zoos, that kind of thing. Or beach/surf themes are pretty easy to find this time of year. Just some ideas. The pictures are great, btw.

That Girl

Ignore other people. I honestly never thought about it, despite having raised a boy already but youre absolutly right - i wish there WERE other things on boys clothes.
We are not "sports" people and 1 is a little young for dinasaur interests, but fruit? plants?

God forbid. Maybe we could have Brad Pitt or Stallone dress their sons in nature, then it would be "cool" enough.


That last picture is just adorable. He's looking so indignant! What a cutie. We're working on the utensil thing too- glad to hear there's hope!

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