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May 12, 2006



If it makes any difference at all, I like your blog the way it is. I am sorry people are just so darn stupid. I don't blame you for taking a break from them at all.


Your life sounds great in most ways. I remember loving many of the things you mention, when my children were toddlers. I think you must have a very strong spirit and sense of self, to be able to be so great while so alone. Other people are missing out by not allowing you to share it with them.

Amanda/Mayhem Mama

"But probably the main challenges that comes from being a different kind of parent is dealing with these people. They are the ones making it hard, not the situation itself so much."

I'm sorry you have to face so many questions and so much criticism. It does sound hard, and I hope a "break" will refresh you.


Here's an idea:

Post the dumb emails (since people email you instead of commenting) and let your fans answer them. Oh yeah, lemme at these people...

Lisa M

I so like Shannon!


This is my first visit here, and I'll try to find the time to delve into your previous posts.

I have a disabled son. He is two with Quad CP, and is deafblind.

I get the STUPIDEST comments, people are incredible.

I am of the opinion, that most people are disabled, and the ones that *get* it, are the rare few out there, that truley do... live.


I just found your blog -- I can't remember how -- and this is the first of your posts that I've read, but I wanted to comment and let you know that it affected me. I know that I'm uncomfortable around disabled people, mostly because I don't know any well, and I've been trying to work on that. I hope I haven't made anyone's life harder as a result.

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