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May 02, 2006



I don't know the first thing about diapers (ok, I know how to fold cotton ones from a square of cotten as in the olden days), but that was very informative. I'd be bumming if I was the company owner of them g thingies but as a reader, it was cool.


I saw the segment on the Today Show and thought these were the worst idea for convenience. Your story didn't change my mind. We use cloth diapers, and they are 1000 times easier than this flushable mess. I only have to flush poop, which is once or twice a day and takes 30 seconds max. Washing is easy because you just dump the diapers in and start the cycle. No clogged toilets and only a few trips to the bathroom witha diaper.


We just started using gdiapers on our 20 mo old son 3 days ago. They seem to work great. We had one leak when he was in them for 2 1/2 hrs and had 3 drinks in that time. Otherwise they make it through naps just fine. We haven't tried them overnight yet because we have so many disposables right now. I don't see the gpants as being that much of a burden on my laundry cycles. They definately won't make their own load. I am very interested in cloth diapers as well, but will maybe wait to try them with our next baby. For now though, I just wanted to add that for around the house, the gdiapers are working great for us. I don't mind the flush because if our son were to use the toilet it would take a flush anyway. Maybe with twins and flushing two at one time it would be a concern, but we have had no toilet problems, and to save a flush I can sometimes use the toilet at that time as well. If you decide to nix the gdiapers, let me know... would be interested in buying the gpants from you. PS~ We have to buy the inserts off the internet since they aren't sold in our area yet, but gdiapers now has an auto-ship program, so we may sign up for that. Thanks for your blog... it's very useful!


I will admit that I didn't take the time to read all of the comments, so if this is sounding familiar, you can ignore it. I just switched to cloth diapers this week. I had been using disposables for almost 2 years (part of the reason I chose to switch was because of the feel of cloth...they feel they are wet...). I have found that the Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers are just as easy to use as the disposables and my daughter tells me every time how nice and soft they feel on her bum. I've also noticed that her diaper rash has gone in a matter of a few days. Disposables were getting far too expensive...I only wish I had switched sooner!!!!


don't waste those lil' g pants - throw a prefold in them! i got a box of these as a gift - and although i never tried their "flushable inserts", i have gotten plenty of use out of the covers. =)


I just recently switched to gdiapers from cloth. Actually, right now, I'm using a combination of cloth, gdiapers, AND disposable. I find that for overnight, disposable is still the best. I don't like leaving my 7month old in a wet cloth diaper all night though I sometimes sleep her naked, just on cotton pads. I haven't really tried the gdiapers overnight yet. I decided to switch to gdiapers to replace the disposable part of my hybrid diaper system. I use cloth at home, but I travel a lot, and hate having to pack a giant bag of cloth diapers when I'm on the road. Gdiapers are something I can buy in most major cities, or at least when I bring them with for a trip, I don't have to lug the dirty ones back. I've found them to be great so far. No leaks, and the mess factor seems about the same to me as with cloth. I think they seem better for the environment than cloth even, though I live in Arizona where wster is scarce. I just leave them in the toilet until someone uses it.

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