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April 14, 2006



If you have strep you don't want to ignore it. Untreated strep can damage your heart. My mom had a heart murmur from untreated strep she got when she was a kid.

Hope you feel better soon! My kid is old enough to watch TV and play while I lie on the couch and doze, only poking me periodically for help. But I'm still really, really happy when my husband gets home and helps me. I'm sorry you have to do it by yourself.


Oh god, it sounds awful! I SO wish you had someone to help you! Feel better soon!!!


I learned the hard way that if the kid(s) has/have strep, and you're sick too the best thing to do is get antibiotics for yourself too. If you don't get antibiotics, you'll be sick for almost a month. If you do get antibiotics, you'll feel better in a couple days. I've done it both ways, depending on whether we had medical insurance at the moment or not.

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