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April 17, 2006



I agree with you. From what I've seen, people on disability are not living the good life but are making necessary compromises to survive and get their medical and housing needs met. It is way beyond time for health insurance to be separated from employment--that would be a start in accomplishing what needs to be done.


I'm only nondiabled if I work at a job with health insurance. As I understand it, if I was on disability there is no prescription coverage. My drugs cost $1500 a month. (If they should cost that much is another subject.) So, if at some point I get sicker, I have to try desperately to hang on to insured work. It's stressful! And no, I can't get benefits through my husband and keep living in the same city because it's too expensive, and I'm not sure I could even buy health insurance at this point.

However it gets done, people should have health insurance. People should not die or become disabled from treatable conditions because they cannot afford the treatment.


Lisa, you are one sensible chick.

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