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March 10, 2006



my son was 18 months when he started walking, and then it took him another 2 months to really get the hang of it. my mom always says, "they all walk by kindergarten, right?!" and to that i say, because we were talking about Z, who has mild CP, "i guess, unless they have a disability preventing them from it" yet, i can still be assured that worrying about it won't help them to reach milestones faster.

i have to keep that in perspective about alot of things....for instance, how well they do puzzles, color, jump, etc. in the end, either they will or they won't be able to do things other kids do, and i need to be ok with simply encouraging them to do as much as they can, without baggering them. (by the way, i am not AT ALL telling you what your perspective should be...i just read your post and it made me think about my own situation, and reminded me of my own goals for motherly perspective. thanks).

Minnesota Mom

Wow! Has anyone else had problems with WIC? I had never been on it and my children are teens; one in college. I had time to attend a WIC appt with a friend of little ones. I was appalled! They were very defensive asking me "Who are you?". They treated my friend like she was in grade school not like the intelligent women and mother that she is. I have gone to two offices now and I have observed the same "sing songy" treatment to her and even men that were there. Very degrading. I too definately felt a feeling of if I can find something wrong with what you are doing I am going to be the hero and report you to Child Protection. Is this common and has WIC actually failed anyone?

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