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February 25, 2006



those are great pics. i always wished that i had taken lessons in something physically ice-skating, ballet, gymnastics. I have thought about taking lessons even now, but can't seem to find the time (and I am pretty scared at how clumbsy I would be at it).


hello! i found your site off a figure-skating website. i just have to say, YOU GO GIRL! Your entry brought tears to my eyes. Keep on skating, and keep on writing. You are a great testament to people who do things for its sheer joy even if outwardly, you don't have the 'accomplishments' of others who do the same stuff. Forget those detractors - you've already gained so much =) good luck with your future endeavors! (and hope things with that guy are going great) maybe one day we'll see a visually-impaired skater at the elite level, and she'll have folks like you to thank for paving the way for her. ROCK. ON.

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