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January 19, 2006



Um, what you said, girlfriend!

So many examples in your post of why I am home schooling...

When I taught in the DCPS system (and they still owe me a month's salary from "computer glitches" post Y2K) I was getting a teacher's assistant salary to do a teacher's job. I maxed out the education end of the pay scale (ABD at the time) and had a specialty in writing, spent a year inventing and coordinating a writing center, researching computer networks, software, etc. etc. for less than a third the salary I deserved. But the budget didn't have a writing center coordinator in it so they made me a teacher's assistant--a job that doesn't even require a BA.

So I quit after a year. Not because I didn't love it and ADORE the kids, but because my working there, being the person they truly needed and letting myself be paid like someone who wasn't skilled was tantamount, in my mind, to supporting a system that didn't give the kids what they needed. I couldn't sign onto that. Not so much due to my poor pay--but to theirs--the kids'--they deserved ME, not just a teacher's assistant and the system owed it to them.

DC is, by the way, Congress's little guinea pig to try out any pet education project from vouchers to charter schools. So you better believe the ordinary public schools have the creme skimmed and skimmed again by the time they get their resources and students.

Libertarian teacher haters can kiss my Master's in Education A$$!


A-men! I love love love your CEO example - brilliant!

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