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January 09, 2006



Hi, I have 2-month old twin boys and have been enjoying reading your blog. The photos are adorable too! Anyway, this sounds like a case of drive-by parenting to me. Not that it matters, but I think that what your doing sounds fine. It's weird how people feel they have a right to tell you how to live your life by masking it in a "for the good of the children" excuse. We live in NYC and don't have a car, and my family and inlaws are just beside themselves. There's an underlying tone of disapproval that we're somehow punishing our children by depriving them of such an "advantage" or it's unsafe for them to go on the subway. Please. Not to say we'll never have a car, but that is really no one's business.


Not to mention, RAIN DOESN'T MAKE PEOPLE SICK! Germs make people sick.

I cannot get Cole, my mother or my mother-in-law to realize this. Nor to realize that walking barefoot on the kitchen floor in the winter will ALSO not make you sick...

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