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December 15, 2005



We used cloth diapers for the first 9 months after my girls were born (from a diaper service). I liked them okay, but I will say honestly that disposables are easier.

Most studies show that a service that uses water, harsh chemicals, and lots and lots of new diapers (made from cotton) is comparable to filling landfills with disposies. I think cloth diapers only win when you cloth diaper subsequent children with the same diapers and/or wash them yourself.


If you're really looking for convenience comparable to disposibles, you have to go with a system of either all-in-ones, or my recommendation, pocket diapers (like Wonderoos or Fuzzi Bunz). I prefer the pocket diapers because the layer next to the baby feels drier than with regular cloth or all-in-ones, and they dry faster. The downsides are that you have to stuff the pocket diapers when they come out of the laundry. If you buy Wonderoos they're a multi-sized diaper that fits 8-35 pounds. Fuzzi Bunz and most other pocket diapers come in sizes so you have to keep buying up.


We use cloth diapers. We use the Fuzzibunz at night and simple nylon velcro covers with unbleached Indian prefolds during the day. We have some fancy diapers from a friend, and don;t see any advantage to them. We went through a period of using disposables because O had a yeast infection and we didn't want N to get it (not sure if it comes off in the wash?). Yes, it was a bit easier, but not by a whole lot. Soaking, washing and drying = five 2-minute trips up and down the stairs per day. Add the folding, and add a few minutes per day to take the poopy liner and flush it. Compare to one trip per day to the trash, plus putting in a new trash bag, and it's a bit more time, but not a very big deal. Using disposable flushable liners really helps with older babies - it means we can put the diapers in a pail dry rather than in a pail full of water and baking soda, which I would HATE to drag up and down the stairs. The linrs are very small and thin - they just keep the poop from smearing into the actual diaper.My friends who have cloth-diapered kids seem to have had an easier time potty training, and some people say that's because they can feel the wetness, etc. So maybe the extra work on the front end would pay off?

Jason Graham-Nye

Hi there,

My name is Jason and I am one of the founders of gDiapers. Thank you so much for giving gDiapers a shot. We have triplets in Eugene test driving them too.
No doubt the flushing takes getting used to and they are not for everybody. I bumped into another Mum of twins yesterday and she too was questioning how she would be able to use gDiapers with two little ones.
She had new plumbing and could flush in one go but she was trying to figure out if she could change them bot and then flsuh later on while they nap. Thats what we do with ours.
When we did our flushability testing we were amazed at the variance between toilets. In the 3 weeks we have been available in the US some customers have called and said that their plumbing is just too old to do it in one shot. So they do it in 2. Some have such old plumbing that they asked if it was OK to throw them in the trash. We don't encourage it but the flushables will biodegrade far quicker in landfill than a disposable. It's hard to calculate exactly how long but as there is no plastic in them, they go quickly. In our own soil burial trials, they go in 22 weeks.
Please let me know if there is anyway we can help you keep using gDiapers. Some Aussie cloth users just like the covers and use cloth inserts in them. They then use the flushables when they are out and about or at night for extra absorbency.

Hope this helps. Gorgeous picture of your little one!




Thank you for posting your experience! I am the working mother of an 8-month-old girl and I've been hating using disposables but can't fit cloth into our lifestyle (plus the daycare won't allow it). I think they might be willing to give gDiapers a try, either in the toilet or trash. So we'll be ordering some soon.


This was a great read! I am still staunchly for cloth diapering and find several of aspects of these gdiapers kind of alarming. These diapers may be slightly better for the envoronment but they do not address other issues such as the dangers of chemicals being in such close proximity to the tender skin of our little ones. I did enjoy reading your expereince though :)


Thanks for the debrief on the gdiapers. We have four little ones. 2 still in diapers. We have successfully used cloth with all four ( Motherease are the best! they are adjustable so you dont have to keep buying more and wash and dry great!) however after 6 years of diapering my husband is kind of sick of the cloth. I saw the gdiapers and thought they might be a good alternative to use when he is home. I couldnt figure out if I can use them with my existing covers. Sounds like they might work. Keep looking for alternatives for your family. Its great to hear you are concerned and educating yourself. God Bless.

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