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October 10, 2005



I just can't get over how people treat you! I mean, DUH, you are the living proof that Super Mom exists!

As for the photography--it's fabulous. Those boys get cuter every day. If one of them is straight and Nat is straight, can we arrange a marriage?


haha! Your cats are in foster care! Too much. Nice kitties. Is that scrapper or a porcelain cat behind kai in the bathroom?? And dang, people treat you like shit. I should just come here and read about how they treat you everytime I am feeling self-pitying (or alternately, fearful that I can't handle things... cuz dang you do great). Your doctor is an idiot and should shack up with the cat shelter woman. Dang. Now I have to go see the pics of your boys. They're always so cute (though the wagon thing? less so! hehe)

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