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October 13, 2005



Hi Lisa,
I responded on my site. Kiss those cute kiddos for me.


hi. i came from Emmie's site. you are amazing. so many moms with multiples (including myself) would be THANKFUL for their busy life after hearing your busy, busy, busy story. i am excited to read more.


ooo drive by parenting. I get that with my dog nonstop for ten years now. I am cringing thinking of how it will be with a child. eek! And it is esp hard when it is something we WANTED to do and PLANNED to do, like breastfeeding. I won't even give birth, so any kid I get I won't have been in charge of prenatal care, breastfeeding, prob not circumcism, etc etc. Dang. I am sorry that you get shit about it, and i understand the inner-nazi too. I have them running around inside of me all the time. I think your kids are, and will be, just fine. Better than fine. They won't be smartasses who have never considered disability, and also they won't be prejudiced, thinking that disabilities actually DISABLE someone, but rather mean that they have to do things in a bit different way. Great entry.


Hey there! I have experienced both worlds, all in one motherhood experience. My daughter breastfed (I will not say without a problem, but she did it and we do it) and my son was SO hard to breastfeed with oral/motor delays and terrible reflux and an oversupply of milk, that he went on a nursing strike at 8-10 weeks and breastfeeding him was unsuccessful. So, I was "the best" mom in the world to Mini (girl twin) and "the worst" mom to Jr. (boy twin). I had the glory and the guilt (and boy, was there EVER guilt). All this to say is that, OMG, breastfeeding twins is hard, and to take care of yourself AND twins AND breastfeed without partner support is pretty impossible. You are doing and have done a wonderful job! I love your site, your kids are gorgeous and happy!

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