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October 18, 2005



I really enjoyed reading your blog.


I love that name. I had 16 ultrasounds when I was pregnant, and have an album full of pictures. The boys look just like their last 2 or three profile shots - it's amazing. Before they came out, we even knew that they had full heads of hair. A friend recently said that she thought ultrasounds were kind of sad because it's so nice to be surprised and that it's like watching your kids on tv. Right. I replied that I much preferred to know they were alive and well for the moment. I lived for ultrasounds when I was hospitalized on bedrest.


Who knows? Maybe if there is still profiling of that kind going on here he will grow up with a deterimantion to stop it, or it may give him empathy with people of this ethincity and give him the motivation to be an advocate to help them. I'm a firm beliver that if you felt that strongly about it then it was most certianly met to be. And personally now that you told me two people who his name is associated with then he has some great people to look up to. (even if you don't agree with Noam's politcal beliefs he at least speaks his mind in a way that gets people to listen. And he writes in a manner that even someone of my skill can understand.)


i love it. i especially love the meaning--"the contented one". what does Aaron mean?


That's a nice name. I like it. Naim and Aaron. Sounds nice together. You could have named them Jimmy and Timmy for heaven's sakes!! (not to denigrate anyone reading who have Jimmys and Timmys). Thanks for writing how to say it though... I just didn't even think of it, I just liked how it was written. And no, I was never informed enough to know one was Christian and one Muslim. Aaron makes me think of Richard Scarry's Big Dictionary.. Aaron was the aligator who appeared throughout. :D As for spelling and pronunciation... everyone spells regular names in totally weird ways now, so no one knows how to actually pronounce anything. I think I'll go with Tom and Sue. (kidding) Thanks for his 'story"!!


Naim is a pretty name!

Nat's surname is neither of ours, but rather a third name entirely that we made up. As far as google knows, not another soul on the planet shares this as a last name.

Hopefully, Nat will appreciate her uniqueness (and the fact that we didn't saddle her with Nat Cate-Cole!).


Haha, I like the name Naim too. My friend's name is Naim and when he first told me his name, I thought, "How the heck do you pronounce it...? I thought it was pronounced like "name" at first, but then I figured, no way, so I Googled for the name and found out the correct pronunciation of it (also how I stumbled across your site).

It's not a common name (in the US) and I like the ring to it.

Jozef and Gemma Daneels-Pardo

hello we are a belgian spanish family we had our little boy in december 2004 and he is named naim as well but in flemish and spanish its the same pronounciacion and that was one of the reasons of choosing this name , when my wife was in the hospital giving birth the woman next was arab and she said that naimmeans paradise ,
But in spain there is allready a famous singer named naim thomas and he is allready 25 yrs old so thats not such a strange name yet

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